I Graduated!!

The past week and the next weeks to come have been and will be the most memorable, yet scary, days to date. The last year of my high school career has come to a close and another exciting door opens.

I finished my senior year of high school. Of course, it wouldn’t truly be senior year without senioritis, which is the exact reason I was 30 minutes late for school my last day 3 days of school. As I walked in to the same school I had been attending for the past 4 years I wasn’t exactly sure how to feel, but I had an overwhelming feeling of sadness, and that’s a feeling I thought I’d never have.

High school was a rollercoaster. 

Freshman Year:

Wake up time- 7:00

New beginnings. New friends. I had quickly learned that the friends I had in junior high and even elementary school would not be the same friends I would share experiences with in high school. As I walked in to the big scary world of high school I was scared shitless. I was 5’1 and boy were those seniors big.

I grew close to a boy who would be a big part of my life all throughout high school. I made friends with certain people I never thought I would hang out with. I did things I never really did before; football games, volleyball games, basketball games. Freshman year came and went and I feel like I really came out of my shell and had so many life changing experiences.

Sophomore Year:

Wake up time- 7:15

I don’t really remember a whole lot from sophomore year. I’m not sure why that was or what the heck I was doing. But, I went through 10th grade with the same friends (and boyfriend) I went through freshman year with. Boy, were they great friends. I think sophomore year was the year I finally was able to get comfortable in high school. Knowing I’d be here for yet another for 2 years was crazy but hey, everybody goes through it.

Junior Year:

Wake up time- 7:40

Holy cow, every time I think about junior year I want to die a little bit inside. Junior year was the craziest year of my time in high school. It was bad enough I had to wake up just to take the ACT, but there was also the SAT and state testing. Barf barf barf. Junior year wasn’t fun, at all.

But, I attended every school sporting event I could and cheered as loud as I could because I knew that this would all be over soon. All my friends were the greatest people and I still had the same boyfriend (I’m as surprised as you are). Junior year was soon over and I knew the next time I would walk into Dickinson High I would be a big bad senior.

Senior Year:

Wake up time- 7:55

As you can tell by my inserted wake up times I got lazier and lazier as the years went on, but my make up skills got better. The beginning of senior year I was busy with football games and didn’t have a worry in the world. I got really close with my best friend, Lauren, and there wasn’t a sporting event or a party we didn’t go to together. I was socializing a little more with my class than I was any other year. I knew that senior year would go by fast and I would miss my class.

I went to every football game, nearly every volleyball and basketball game. I cheered hard and celebrated wins even harder. There wasn’t a moment my senior year that I didn’t enjoy. I knew that I had to live up my time with the people I had been going to school with since 6th grade as it wouldn’t be much longer before we all went our separate ways.

Senior year was a time for making memories I would never forget with the best friends I could have asked for. We had memories ranging from innocent sleepovers to running from the cops. I had been told by a senior when I was a freshman that senior year goes by fast, and damn were they right.

As I stand here just a few days after graduation, I wonder where all the time went.

Whether you’re an incoming freshman, sophomore, junior or even incoming senior, make high school memorable. You’re not too good to cheer for your school, be friends with people you’d never talk to. High school goes by in a blink of an eye. Don’t regret anything. Take chances, you might only get one.

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