Being an Adult as Told by The Office

When you move out of your parents house, you get your first real taste of adulting. Suddenly, you’re living on your own with no one taking care of you and making sure you’re keeping up with your responsibilities.

It’s both glorious and super anxiety inducing. And adulting only gets realer as the years progress.

Here are some adulting milestones we can all relate to, as told by The Office.

Living on your own feels like a never ending party.


…. that is until you actually kind of miss having your parents around.


Cooking can definitely be a challenge.


And apparently you’re supposed to go to school, have a job, be involved in extra curricular, have a social life, AND get eight hours of sleep.


Finding your first apartment is hell and you realize how many landlords and realtors want to rip you off.


And once you get that apartment you have to start paying bills.


Finding a job will slowly kill your soul.


And if you thought finding a job was bad, just wait until you have to bullshit your way through a job interview.


You’re also expected to know how to do things like file your taxes and manage your money.


Your friends start getting into serious relationships, meanwhile you’ve never been more single in your life.


You start feeling old for the first time in your life.


But in the end, you can feel proud that you’re taking on a shit ton of responsibilities and kicking ass.


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