22 Signs You’re Really Indecisive

To be indecisive is to be plagued by a lack of decision-making and firmness. To an indecisive person, this characterizes our daily lives. The struggle of making basic decisions is unreal and overwhelming, and few seem to understand us very much. To be honest, I’m even having a hard time making decisions on what to include in this article.


  1. You like both options
  2. You can’t choose
  3. Questioning your decision even a week later
  4. Wondering why you cant go to both restaurants
  5. Justin Bieber’s “What Do You Mean” defines your everyday life
  6. “What do you want to do?” I don’t know jump off a cliff maybe
  7. Not knowing if you’re in the mood for Mexican or pizza
  8. “Why can’t you choose?”
  9. It’s always a toss up between sleep and Netflix
  10. “Happy-good yet sad-bored but still mellow, and also angry” is your permanent feeling
  11. “I’m not that indecisive.”
  12. You change your outfit at minimum three times each morning, or stand in front of  your mirror in underwear until you deciding what to wear
  13. “But I picked last time!”
  14. Constantly changing your mind
  15. “Wait!”
  16. “Turn around, we’re not going there anymore.”
  17. “Where should we go first?”
  18. “I don’t know yet”
  19. You get anxiety when ordering at a restaurant because there’s too many choices
  20. Having your friends decide for you
  21. “Ummm… ummmm… ummm”
  22. “It doesn’t matter to me.”

Here’s to all of my fellow indecisive friends–make good choices, boys and girls

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